Unique Marineriers Compass

This quilt is a large 90″ x 90″ finished quilt. Its masculine look & every detail & will be cherished for generations to come.

Woven Basket design

This beautiful quilt is a large 94″ x 94″ finished quilt. It is exceptional in every detail.  The fine feather quilting motifs  enhances this example of the antique recreations that made us famous.

Cox combe quilt to

This beautiful quilt top is an example of the hundreds of quilt tops we offer every day.  They are perfect for either hand or machine quilting.  Our handmade tops are of the highest quality, and are offered in both patchwork and applique designs.

Amish style Princess Feather quilt

This quilt is an example of one of the Amish styled quilts that we have made for almost 50 years.  This one is a copy of a published original design.  We offer a huge selection of the Old Order Amish designs we have loved for many years.

Pensylvania Hex quilt

This quilt is a large 92″ x 92″ finished quilt. Its 9  incredible Hex blocks are exceptional in every detail.  This wonderful quilt will be cherished for generations to come.

patriotic Flags & Eagles quilt

Patriotic quilts have been a focus for us for many years.  this design os one of the most famous examples on the market today.  The original was made between 1847 – 1852.  This is evident because there are 3 types of flags used ( a 28, 29 & two 30 star flags)  The stars of the flags are reverse applique, where the balance of the hand applique work is needle turn applique.  This design is available as either a finished quilt or as a quilt top for you to finish in your own home.