Elegant Log Cabin Star QUILT TOP with streak of lightning borders – King sized


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Being a small family based business, there are only so many hours in each day.  We will give this brief general description of each & a standard photo.  A good photo is worth a thousand words.  The photo(s) should be very high resolution so that you can any area which you want to view.

Let us note that each of our hundreds of creations is hand made, so no two are exactly alike.   The photo is an accurate representation of the pattern.  We make several of each design when we are assembling them to keep our cost more manageable. This way we can offer you the lowest possible pricing on each of our creations.  The item you receive will reflect closely the item in the photo, but may or may not be the exact item photographed.  Each handmade quilt or quilt top will have variations unique to themselves.  As hand made items, none are perfect. ( The Old Amish truism is applicable here ” Only God makes Perfect things”

We always try to describe our items very accurately, so the  quilt top you receive may or may NOT have these small variations.

Finally,  Each of our patchwork or Hand applique quilt tops is made by 1 artisan.  We continually are teaching them better ways to accomplish their projects, but skill levels do vary.  We offer only our top rated artists work for sale as quilt tops, and we try to quilt any quilts that may have a variance for our retail customers in our many online venues.  This way we can more easily address any item that needs special attention when we quilt the quilt. ( for example if a small smudge was on the quilt, we could wash it properly before selling the finished quilt so that the customer receives a perfect example every time).

Let our nearly half a century in the business of creating handmade quilts, quilt tops, and our exclusive Quilting Master quilting systems for our customers help you to enjoy the look of a priceless quilt on your bed, while being able to enjoy its warmth & love daily.

Unless noted otherwise ALL of our quilt tops sizes are made to fit Full / Queen / king sized beds. 
They will all cover the tops of the bed, but the drop on the sides vary by mattress size.

Our patchwork Log Cabin Star quilt top size is 90″ x 106″

Either quilt size can be made into a true king size quilt by adding a border around the quilt to make it as large as one would desire.

Please feel free to contact us anytime for more information on this item or any of the many items we offer.

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