How do I care for/ wash my quilt ?

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Caring for your quilt is very easy. All of our quilts are designed to be able to be machine washed.


Note: We always add the additional recommendation to IMMEDIATELY REMOVE YOUR WET QUILT from the washer and place it into the dryer and start the cycle so it does not sit wet upon itself reducing the rare chance of fabric color transfer.

Do you prewash your fabrics ?

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Yes, we pre wash all of the strong color fabrics we use to remove as much of the excess fabric dye as possible before we cut the fabrics for either patchwork or hand applique.

Are your quilts hand or machine quilted ?

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** We at Lancaster County Quilting Creations have a long history of creating fine quilts with 2017 being our 50th year in the business of quilting.

In the beginning we hand quilted all of the quilts we made for our clients until this became impossible in the mid 2000’s due to the fact that most of the American hand quilters just became to old for the work and unfortunately most of our friends and partners are no longer with us. This is why machine quilting has become the staple of the entire quilting industry these days. Very unique and beautiful work can be accomplished either way, and we do still offer both options. However due to the high cost of hand quilting & minimum wage laws 99.5% of our clients prefer our high quality machine quilting.

For example: A hand quilted quilt with 400 yards of thread quilted into its surface will require about 14 days of quilting at a minimum (112 hours). The hand quilting cost is $ 898.00 for 14 days of labor at 8.00 per hour minimum wage, plus the quilt top & materials) ( compare this with 139.00 for machine quilting and you will quickly understand why most clients learn to love the art of machine quilting).

If you see someone offering hand quilting for less, then rest assured they are not quilted in the USA, unless done for a charity org.

Are these items really handmade ?

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** Yes, all of our quilt tops are handmade creations. As such each is unique unto itself. Our quilt tops fall into two general categories, ( I.E. Patchwork or Hand Applique’ ) 

1. Patchwork quilts are created by hand cutting hundreds or thousands of fabric pieces and then reassembling them into a finished geometric panel using a hand guided sewing machine for the ultimate durability. A quilt top usually takes between 1 & 3 days to create each one. 

2. Hand Applique quilt tops are created entirely by hand. The hand cut patches are then basted in place so that they can be delicately hand appliqued’ ( invisibly stitched in matching thread color) to the cotton cloth background which will become the background for the finished quilt top. Depending on the intricate nature of the design this type of top takes a worker between 1 week & 8 weeks to complete each one.

Why are quilts and quilting so expensive ?

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** The cost of any quilt is determined by how it was made and the materials used to make it.

Quilts are also Artwork and labors of love. Depending on style a quilt top & quilting will take a worker between 2 days and 2 months to complete each one from the start to finish. There is also a great deal of fabric and materials that are required to complete a quilt which are not inexpensive. For a queen size quilt – material cost are these.

Fabric quilt top ( 8 yards) Fabric quilt back (7 yards) and ½ yard for the quilt binding 15.5 yards x 7.00 or a little more than 100.00.

The labor to do the patchwork also requires usually many days, and add another ½ day of specialized seamstress time for the quilting and binding and you will see why the price is what it is.

We will note that if you have a standard 100” x 100” quilt ( which is almost 70 sf.) a 300.00 quilt is only 4.25 per square foot. At 200.00 this is only 2.85 per sq ft.

Now price anything durable for your home ( like laminate flooring, counter tops, carpeting) and you will see that the price per sf. Of the much more labor intensive handmade quilt is very similarly priced.

How much does it cost to finish my quilt top ?

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The cost of quilting and finishing any quilt top is based on its size, the materials you choose to use for its quilt backing, quilt batting, quilt bindings ( if you are providing these materials or us) and the time required to quilt your custom made quilt. Our prices start at just 20.00 for quilting only services.

Please click the quilt calculator button to be able to see just how the different choices of materials, and levels of services affects the total price of any quilting service we offer. Please remember to request a printed quote for extra savings and so we can create a custom listing for you detailing the choices you have made for your special custom made quilt.

Can you quilt a quilt top for my family ?

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** Yes, we can custom quilt any of the quilt tops we offer, and even most quilt tops you may have in your own cedar chest.

Remember that not all quilting company’s are the same. Anyone can buy a quilting machine and offer services, but there is a lot of art and creativity required to be a successful quilter. We have been in the business of creating fine quilts and quilt tops for 50 years. Let our experience and top of the line staff & facilities create a beautiful quilt your family will enjoy for many years.

Your quilts look so special, are they Limited Editions ?

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Our quilts are made for a small and select clientele. We make our quilts in very small groups of usually 8 pieces. This keeps them exclusive and they are truly Limited Editions, not a mass produced items.

As you can see from our offerings we have always had a love of quilts in Amish styles, two colors & antique quilts. Many of our works are exact recreations of famous quilts that reside in the best museums around the world. From our point of view antique quilts are priceless family artifacts and must be preserved. We create our quilts as a way to honor those masterpieces, while keeping them affordable enough to be used and enjoyed daily without the fear of ruining a priceless antique.

What is the difference between a quilt and a quilt top ?

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** A quilt top is a piece of art in itself as it is a completed item of patchwork or needle turn hand applique that is made from hundreds / thousands of individually hand cut parts that have been stitched together to form the “pretty side” or TOP of a finished quilt.

** A quilt is made by layering the quilt top upon a quilt backing fabric and then adding a quilt filling material or batting. This “sandwich” of materials is then stitched together ( or quilted) with decorative quilting motifs to create the finished quilt sandwich that is then ready to trim and attach a finished edge binding fabric so that the quilt is finished and ready to use and enjoy by your family.